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In today’s rapidly changing and hectic workplace laden with distractions and constant overload, managing one’s own life can be a challenge in itself. What to do? A personal development plan (PDP) can help, but how exactly? This book - the result of more than ten years of applied research, practice, and calibration of the Swiss PDP Approach® to different cultural settings around the world - shows you how to successfully and sustainably manage your own life. With its simple, clear, yet rich context, the Swiss PDP Approach® will teach you not only to be more self-aware, but also help you manage and structure your life using a semi-structured approach that is customized for you. And because time is scarce for those who work in fast-paced business environments, this book is kept short. It contains all the theories you will need to know, but focuses mainly on instantly applicable output. Happy reading!

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This is a must-read book for everyone who wants to lead a more meaningful life.
I highly recommend it.
Chris O'Neill, Ex-CEO Evernote, California/USA

Have you ever felt you could enjoy life more fully if only you had time and energy to take control?  Here's a simple, proven recipe for knowing yourself, getting clear on your priorities and taking steps to change. It's helped me and many others.
Matt Brittin, President Google EMEA Business & Operations, London/UK

Beat's Swiss PDP Approach® was simple, intuitive & actionable.
I've seen it be transformative for the people who have worked for him.
Shuvo Saha, Director Google Digital Academy, London/UK

Due to a workforce reduction, I left my ex-company. The well balanced material of this book helped me reconsider life & work and made me move to Australia for a fresh start.
Gunnar Habitz, Channel Sales Manager, CloudRecover, Sydney/Australia

PDP is a good way to expand your point of view to yourself, and you will be surprised how clear you have answers to questions you have never asked before to yourself and what impact these answers can have.
Lorenzo Medici, CEO PM Medici AG, Lucerne/Switzerland